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The department of geography has been one of the important pillars of Chapra Bangaljhi Mahavidyalaya since it’s establishment in the year 2001. The department started its journey conducting general degree course in geography with five students and two faculty members and a classroom. Subsequently, the honours course began to run in the department in 2005, equipped with one laboratory room and a Lab. Attendant. Gradually it went through the small steps of development and held its head high in terms of the student’s success, student strength and laboratory equipments, teaching aids along with increasing number of faculty members. The department always tries to meet the growing demand of students in the locality to study geography. The number of aspirants of geography in both the honours and general courses are increasing.

Now the total student strengths of the department are about 120 and 100 in honours and general course respectively. Presently the department has three teaching faculty and one lab attendant. Students who have passed out from the department have achieved success in academia and have showed achievements in different spheres of their life. In spite of several pitfalls, shortage of manpower and lack of technological up-gradation, the faculty members try utmost to perform their best to overcome all the difficulties and continue keeping pace in academic progression.


  • The department provides one class room named “James Rennell Room” equipped with projector installed which is frequently used in the class to make the classes informative, visually appealing and interesting to the students. Another class room “S.P.Chatterjee Room” is with flexible seating arrangement feasible for the student to perform their practical works;
  • Multiple Light-tracing Desks are arranged in the room help student doing their practical work seamlessly. The student can issue and access, whenever necessary, the drawing instruments and calculators from the department;
  • The department provides updated surveying instruments like Prismatic Compass, Dumpy Level and Transit Theodolite with supporting accessories. Survey of India topographical maps of 1:50,000 scale are available for exercise as par KU syllabus. Weather Maps of different seasons and multiple times are in collection. A handful collection of rocks and minerals are there to meet the requirement of the practical papers, which are displayed in three almirah made for them. A GPS is recently bought by the department to be used in surveying especially to obtain location information during field work;
  • The Department recently took a humble attempt to set up of a Weather Station in the college. By this, along with the secondary weather data collected from nearby IMD weather stations, we intend to the local inhabitants, especially the farmers, to be updated with the prevailing weather condition and upcoming weather events, if any.
  • The Computer Laboratory is equipped with ten sets of computer which are used for computer application part of the syllabi. One PC of the computer lab. is connected with the high speed internet provided by the college and the other sets are connected to it through network;
  • Class Tests are often conducted to evaluate the student’s progression of the syllabus and teaching-learning process in the department;
  • Teachers are always motivating students to overcome their difficulties in subject matters. They are free to interact with their teachers beside the class hours;
  • The department is regular in conducting Field Visit to prepare field report of Part-III (Honours) and Part-II (General) students and organized a few field excursions outside the states as well;
  • The department conducts with all the arrangements to act as a centre of Geography practical examinations of the university;
  • The Department is also engaged in conducting the classes of compulsory Environmental Studies;


The department has separate class rooms, library, reading room, a special book bank donated by the alumnae.

Students Section

Many of our students are engaged in professional activities.

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Study Material

16 May 2020CBM__PART-III (H)__Computer Application in Geography, 16-05-2020, SRI JISHNU SAR5TH SEMESTERDownload
02 May 2020CBM_GEO_Sem-II(G), Cyclone (ঘূর্ণবাত), 02-05-2020, SRI JISHNU SAR2ND SEMESTERDownload
29 Apr 2020CBM_GEO, (AECC-ENVS)__Soil Erosion & Conservation (মৃত্তিকা ক্ষয় ও তার সংরক্ষণ), 28-04-2020, SRI JISHNU SAR2ND SEMESTERDownload
23 Apr 2020CBM_GEO_Sem-II(G)__Types of Rainfall (বৃষ্টিপাতের প্রকারভেদ), 23-04-2020, SRI JISHNU SAR2ND SEMESTERDownload
14 Apr 2020CBM_GEO_SEM-IV(H)__Rostows Mode, Sem 3, 14-04-2020, SRI JISHNU SAR3RD SEMESTERDownload
10 Apr 2020CBM_GEO_SEM-IV(H)__Rostows Mode_ 10-04-2020, SRI JISHNU SAR4TH SEMESTERDownload