Department of Sociology

About the Department

The department of sociology started with general course in the year 2012, and honors course started in 2014-15 academic session. In the field of sociology; this department is first department to be established in this zone (from Krishnanagar to Karimpur). It is fully fledged self finance course. The number of seats is 30. Maximum students are “first generation learner” for this reason they are not aware of the subject.

The goal of this department, since its inception in 20102, has been to equip its students with a critical, analytical ability by providing them theoretical and analytical exposure to various social realities and social issue. The department offers an up-to-date curriculum (according to the under-graduate syllabus of the University of Kalyani) which takes into account recent advancement in theory, methodology and contemporary social phenomena. The curriculum is supported with an innovative pedagogy which emphasizes on interactive forms of teaching-learning process. For the betterment of subject the department had arranged an academic seminar and lecture titled “sociology in global society: impact on employment and everyday life” where school students and college students participated. This type of academic seminar helps students in enlighten their knowledge.

Sociology deals with the study of the various forms of human behavior. Fundamentally, sociology focuses on social interaction of people in different spheres to understand how the society organize, develop and change. As a form of social engineering, it is full of practical significance. The students of sociology can expect careers at research institutions, law firms, public health, welfare organizations, private business, international agencies, medical firms, educational institutions advertising firms, NGO etc. The student pursuing studies sociology have different scopes to offer in various fields like career in administrative services, career in academics, career in health family and child development services.

Study Material